Free Initial Bankruptcy and Debt Consultations

We offer free initial bankruptcy and debt consultations by telephone or video (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Google Meet, WhatsApp, etc.). Of course we are happy to meet with you in person, but you may find a meeting via phone or video more convenient.

Virtually all pre-filing aspects of the bankruptcy process from the initial consultation to document review and signings can be conducted via phone or video. Debt negotiation and other areas of our practice do not typically require a visit to the office.

Video or Telephonic Hearings.

Generally, you will have to appear in person for your bankruptcy hearing (the “meeting of creditors“). (See note below.) However, if you have serious physical limitations that prevent you from traveling, we can request a video or telephonic appearance for the meeting of creditors and other bankruptcy hearings. Such electronic meetings are at the discretion of the trustee or court and are not always permitted. However, in my experience, most people in the bankruptcy process will try to accommodate a severe medical condition.

NOTE: Because of the Coronavirus, bankruptcy hearings will be conducted via telephone for the immediate future. Please see our Coronavirus Update for more information on our safety procedures and the impact this issue might have on in-person consultations and court hearings.

*Free phone and video bankruptcy and debt consultations are limited to our geographic practice areas in Pennsylvania and are at the discretion of our attorneys.

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