Debt Collector and Creditor Harassment

The Bankruptcy Discharge And Beyond: Life After Bankruptcy

Important information about your home, cars, credit, taxes, student loans, debt collection, and more after your bankruptcy discharge. See how to make the most of your debt-free status.

The Pennsylvania Statute of Limitations on Debt Stops Vulture Debt Collectors

The four-year Pennsylvania Statute of Limitations on debt is an often overlooked but powerful defense for consumers facing aggressive creditors. Debt collectors do not want you to know this, but sometimes a debt is just too old to collect.

The Pennsylvania Statute of Limitations on Debt: Three Costly Mistakes

The Pennsylvania Statute of Limitations on debt is a powerful tool for dealing with unfair collection practices. Unfortunately, debtors often make costly mistakes in applying the Statute of Limitations.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Stops Collection Of Settled Or Paid Debts

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ("FDCPA") and related laws can stop unscrupulous debt collectors who try to collect settled or paid debts in Pennsylvania. Violations of these statutes can result in payment of damages for the debtor, including attorney's fees.

What You Need to Know About Illegal Debt Collection in Pennsylvania

Debt collectors often use intimidation, lies, and harassment to collect debts. (Witness the debt collectors in Pennsylvania that set up a fake court.) Fortunately, you can protect yourself from these unscrupulous creditors and collectors.

Post-Bankruptcy Harassment: Stopping Creditors Who Just Don’t Get It

‍Bankruptcy's automatic stay protects debtors from collections, lawsuits, harassment, repossession, foreclosure, and other efforts to collect debts. Creditors who try to collect after a Pennsylvania debtor has filed for bankruptcy face severe sanctions.

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